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This training list includes Cranbrook specific training and directions to access other types of training.  Scroll to the bottom and read/watch each video that relates to your position.

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Connect to Sharepoint and Azure Active Directory

Credit Report Equifax Trimerge Adv Credit SoftPull Instructions

Fraud Prevention and Policy Training


RUN DO/DU Desktop Originator AUS through Byte Pro

Velocity Training


Caliber Quick Pricer Training

Email or Receive Files From Byte Without VPN

Move or Copy Byte Files from Local Folder to Cranbrook Folder

Product Support and Deal Review Training:

Fannie Mae Export Video (Also Disclosure Request, and Brief Request TO Process Intro)

How to request commission payment online web request:

Payroll Request Wiz Training


UWM Utrack Automatically Send Realtors and clients statuses of their files


FAXPro Cranbrook:

Processing Management Training


















Access Recordings in Velocity:


How to make a payroll request
To Access Product Guidelines


How to sync Pdrive with one drive.

Regulatory Training

Training Topics (click the youtube video to watch)

  1. Sending Secure Emails on Proton mail. (listed Above)
  2. Please note that users with Outlook or Outlook Web App access provided by Cranbrook loans may simply include the term ‘zsecure’ anywhere in the title or body of the email and it will send a secure email.
  3. Click here for step by step instructions.
  4. Sending secure email using zsecure on cranbrook email system
  1. Anti Money Laundering Training:
    1. Video 1: General AML training:
    2. Video 2: Cranbrook Loans Specific AML Webinar:
  2. Identity Theft Red Flags Rule Webinar:
  3. Information Security Policy Webinar:–E3Y
  1. View employee handbook and other policies here:



Follow Up Receipt Policy (FUR)

FUR stands for Follow Up Receipt.  The process of ‘follow up receipt’ includes contacting the recipient of a fax, email, or mail document and receiving verbal verification that transmission/documents were received.  Follow Up Receipt by fax or automated email confirmation does not constitute FUR completion.


Any and every document that is faxed, mailed, or emailed and any order that is made must have proper FUR.  Email and verbal verification by the recipient is acceptable.  The FUR must be documented in the task management system.


The objective of FUR is to actually reach the receiving party and get their verbal verification that they received the document.


There are some procedures that are important to me and some that are not.  This procedure is one of the most critical steps to our success over our competitors and to accomplishing the task more efficiently and with minimal mistakes.  This procedure is very important to me.


I am trying to avoid situations like when we call a vendor to receive an order and they say they have never received the order form.  But we have fax verification that the fax was successful.  They say they did not receive our fax or a lender says they did not receive our submission or final conditions.  This cost time, and money.  Once a production day is gone it is never to return.  HLP’s sell more loans when they have less in their pipelines.  Our sales reps are counting on us to do the best job we can and to eliminate mistakes and get their files closed fast.  So we can’t afford to make a mistake, because that might be our mortgage originators mortgage payment.  If we do everything we can and we follow our successful procedures than we can always say we did our best for the team.  Our procedures make us successful and this procedure is important and critical to that success.


Email Reply Of Conditions Received.


Upon Receipt of documents by a processor (or other administrative employee), a recipient MUST reply back to the email Informing them you have received the email/documents.  Mortgage originators should to send conditions in 1 submission to your processor, exceptions can be made by your processor.  Conditions must be submitted to processing via our website or via secured email.



Follow Up Responsibilities


This lists the responsibilities of processing and mortgage originators through the process of a mortgage loan.


Task to follow up on Processor Responsibilities Mortgage Originator Responsibilities
Disclosure Request Send email notifying receipt of request ASAP and complete the request by the end of the day if received by 3pm, or next day if after 3pm. Receive confirmation of receipt by processor. Or follow FUR policy to confirm receipt.
File Submission To Underwriter Verification/ Receipt. Processor should send Email confirming receipt of file submissions including Signed Documents, and Supporting Documents. MLO should complete the ‘Request to process (Aka Broker Demand)’ within 24 hours of receiving Signed documents and supporting documents, whichever comes last.  MLO should also receive confirmation receipt from automated system and another one from the processing team.  The processing team email should come within 24 hours of submission otherwise MLO should follow FUR policy to confirm receipt.  MLO should confirm receipt by processing on both signed documents and supporting documents.
Appraisal Order, Schedule, Schedule Completion, and Receipt. Processor should keep appraisal order task on the top of their list and follow up DAILY until the order has been made and the schedule has been set by AMC. Once the appraisal order has been made and schedule set, processor should email the MLO and inform them of the schedule date. MLO should follow up with processor by sending an email daily requesting confirmation that appraisal has been ordered and in receipt of scheduled date and all other important benchmarks.
Conditions Received Processor should email MLO that they have received their submitted conditions. MLO should receive an email from their processor confirming receipt of conditions.  Automated email will also be sent to MLO when conditions are submitted online, this email is not a substitute for the Processor receipt of conditions.
CD Processor should seek to have CD sent as soon as conditions are cleared. Once the cd is sent it should be sent To MLO for review. MLO should request CD 48 hours after final conditions are confirmed as received, by sending email request to processing.

To summarize the responsibilities, when each of these points occur processing should notify originator when complete and originator should follow up and receive confirmation until complete.  It is the responsibility of both parties to properly follow up on these critical tasks because sometimes technology can get lost in cyberspace and its possible emails are not being delivered by confirming receipt all parties can rest assured the tasks are being done.


In an effort to reduce the number of looks on a file that our processors make, we have implemented the following policy.

We now require that all MLO conditions are submitted at 1 time.  So as you receive conditions from your clients and other parties, save all the conditions to 1 file or the byte file and inform processing once all the conditions are completed.

Please send all initial submission supporting documents at 1 time in 1 email/ web submission and subsequent requested conditions at 1 time in 1 email/ web submission. If you receive partial conditions from your customer, hold them until they submit the rest of the conditions.  Compile them in 1 email and send them to your processor.

On occasion we will make exceptions to this policy, when the Mortgage Originator is concerned of approvability, validity, or usability of a document for the condition and simultaneously a different condition document is expected to take 48 hours or more to receive.  We may submit conditions that are in your possession (even if not complete) to the lender while we wait for the other conditions.

By implementing this policy, processing employees will be MUCH more efficient and provide better service to all customers and employees of Cranbrook.


During the conditions clearing process after your conditions received by processing we set up a list of tasks, some tasks the processing department are responsible for and other tasks the Mortgage Originator is responsible for.

Please note that If you have completed your conditions its possible that processing conditions are still being worked on.  Make sure you know what those conditions are and make sure you know when they are submitted.  Processing will send you an email to inform you when your ALL of your conditions have been submitted to the lender.


-Please keep in mind that until you receive a clear to close verified at the lender by processing employees, your loan is not clear to close.


Once you know that your final conditions are submitted then you may begin to follow up during the anticipated 48-96 hour time frame depending on lenders turn times.  Lender turntimes may vary, contact the lenders account representative to find out what their turn times are, so you know when to follow up with your processor.


To speed up the process you may request the CD to be sent in advance of the clear to close.  Once the clear to close is obtained, Please provide 48 business hours notice to processing for the closing to be scheduled.(most lenders and/or title companies have a required delay).


In the event that you submit documents from your files to underwriters, please copy your processor on that email so that they are aware of everything that is going on with your files.


To reduce the number of emails received by processing, Please do not copy processing on emails to your clients.

What is an “Application” for purposes of issuing a Loan Estimate?

Under Regulation Z and therefore for purposes of providing a Loan Estimate, receipt of ALL six pieces of information defined as an application include:

  • Consumer’s Name
  • Consumer’s Monthly Income
  • Consumer’s SSN/ITIN (to obtain a credit report)
  • Property Address (ZIP CODE)
  • Estimated Property Value
  • Estimated Mortgage Loan Amount Sought

Steps to work on a file:

  1. Complete accurate 1003 and Loan estimate including Escrows
  2. Review Product Guidelines and confirm LTV and other criteria.
  3. Price at Lender (Caliber) (See Video Training by clicking here Also shown Above)
  4. Prequalify Parameters – Generally 620 Fico with ratios 31/43 or 700 Fico with Ratios 50/50
  5. Make sure there is enough cash to close. On right spine in 1003 on Byte
  6. Give Prequal Letter to Client and Realtor by Email. (Should be no more than 1 hour from request)
  7. Request Documents (Supporting)
  8. When PA is Negotiated:
    • Send Disclosures (within 24 hrs and returned within 12)
    • Get updated bank statements and Paystubs
    • Complete “Request to Process/Broker Demand” at
    • Submit supporting documents to processors email.
    • Observe Follow up Policy throughout processing process.


Closing Scheduling Procedure

Please follow this process for Scheduling Closings.

STEP 1. Make Sure CD is disclosed and acknowledged and that you’ve received a Clear to Close from your processing department.

STEP 2. Contact Borrower And/or Realtor Via Email AND Phone call. Work with them to Determine Closing Date, Time, and Location.  Make sure that the Date, and Time is at least 48 hours notice once Processing has been informed. (on a purchase the realtors usually inform title and the loan officer should inform processing when the Realtors have scheduled the closing and at that point we let the Lender know the scheduled day and time, then we get the CD finalized)

STEP 3: Email processor with the Agreed Time, Date and Location. *If MLO schedules with title, please inform processing that Title has already been scheduled.

STEP 4. Be advised. Your Processor will inform Title and Lender.

STEP 5: Follow up that its scheduled and Approve Final CD.

STEP 6: Email processing to follow up on Funding and Verify Wire is received by Title.


Self Employment Income Calculation Training and Tools from Genworth

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Inputting Deals into Mogul:
Inputting Deals into Payroll:

Move or Copy Byte File from Local Drive to Shared Drive via VPN Connection (Request VPN connection from IT Department)