First Time Buyer

You are finally ready to purchase your first home or perhaps you have been out of the market and are now returning. At first it can seem a daunting task. Why are there so many different types of loans? What do I have to put down and what and how much can I finance? Should I use a mortgage broker or a lending institution? As a first time buyer should I get pre-qualified? What if I have some bad credit?

These are all good questions. We can secure a loan and lock down the best rates. By pre-qualifying you can walk into a home and know what your payments will be. No surprises. No unknown fees.

The best available mortgage rates are not only for a seasoned homebuyer. Your credit will be the first determining factor for financing your mortgage. Perhaps an adjustable mortgage is best for you as lower starting rates reduce your first payments and helps you ease into the jump from renting to owning. Start with the lowest rate available and your mortgage payments will gradually increase.

By filling out the Cranbrook Loans application you can get all of these questions answered by one of our Home Loan Professionals. You will know the lowest rates, what financing you can afford and have all the advice you need on your quest for your first home. What are you waiting for? Get started today on buying your first home!