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Permit to Completion – Builder Timeline Depends on Where and Why

Despite complaints about labor, lot, and material short

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Americans Sitting on Trillions in Tappable Equity

Americans are sitting on a nearly unprecedented level

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Could The Top Already Be In For Rates?

(Most of this newsletter lays out a counterpoint to the

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Fannie/Freddie Need Your Money Again, But Not Like They Used To

BY: JANN SWANSON Feb 15 2018, 12:32PM   While the

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Stellar Home Sales and Tax Bill’s Effect on Housing Newsletter 01012018

Revisiting Stellar Home Sales and Tax Bill’s Effe

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Newsletter 12212017

Calmer Day, But It Still Confirms a Weaker Trend By: Ma

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Loan Risk Table

This table shows the risk level to lenders based on the

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You now may be able to get a mortgage even if your FICO score isn’t great

By Kenneth R. Harney August 26 If you’ve got a low FI

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Appraisal Condition Rating Definitions

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have an ongoing effort in pl

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ARM vs Fixed Rate Blog

A Fixed-Rate Mortgage or Fixed Rate Loan applies the sa

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Cranbrook Loans

Rates, Fees Guarantee.  We are confident that our rate

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Get your finances organized before you begin the task o

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Real Estate Agencies www.goedertrealestate.com

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Weather Chills the Hot Housing Market

With the cold weather in January and February of 2014,

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Interest Only

-Extremely low payments… -Interest Only loans are typ

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