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Perks At Cranbrook

Employee Discounts


Hertz Rental Cars: Corporate Code: 1757759

If you are scheduling travel within the next few weeks you will need to follow the steps below to link your existing Gold Plus Rewards account to the negotiated pricing:

  1. Go to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account.
  2. Log Into your existing Gold Plus Rewards account.
  3. Your name should be displayed at the top right, click on the down arrow next to your name.
  4. Click on “My Profile”
  5. Next to “Personal Details” select “edit”.
  6. Under CDP Number type in 1757759 and click “add Another” and that should be the Preferred as identified by the black check mark.
  7. Click “update” and your account is now linked

The following rates are available year round:

*Certain black out dates may apply

Car Class Car Type Daily Rate Daily Florida Rate
A Economy $35.50 $34.50
B Compact $36.50 $35.50
C Intermediate $37.50 $36.50
D Standard $38.50 $37.50
F Full Size $40.50 $39.50
G Premium $59.00 N/A
I Luxury $74.00 N/A
L SUV $69.00 N/A
R Mini Van $69.00 N/A
L4 7 Passenger SUV $69.00 N/A

City surcharge for airport rentals:

$3.00 Daily: Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles A/P (LAX) & San Francisco Area, CA

$5.00 Daily: Alaska, Baltimore / Washington DC Area / Boston Area, MA / Detroit Area, MI, Philadelphia Area, PA

$8.00 Daily: Chicago Area, IL

If you use Enterprise or National and want to use our discount codes for those companies, please reach out to Michael Ayoub.


Unless otherwise noted, discounts apply to plans with monthly access fees of $34.99 or higher, and data features of $24.99 or higher, when added to the $34.99 or higher plan. On plans with separate account and line fees, discounts apply only to the line access fees. Unlimited consumer data plans (e.g., Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Start Unlimited, Above Unlimited, etc.), prepaid plans, already discounted plans, promotional plans, data-only plans & wireless plans that are bundled with home phone service are not eligible for discounts through this program.

No contract extension is required and the discount does not affect your upgrade eligibility.

Discounts take 1-2 billing cycles to appear.

Open or Link an account by clicking here: https://www.verizon.com/ryl/hp/?token=9383ebb234bd327560c200c360109085db79b1ab5d56c222795ddad5f516620b5fa1cf2bba6710992c64aea106c2862faeca84503eee07f3ded452d241e77052f770d44cbcb01d78665289f975340ed63f205f58322481b642183470dde0175bcca5e7faa683413dfb3abe770f5e7eba6c5752ec969fb9a741d1e96acaa3f9fa


14% discount on Mobile Share Value Plans data buckets 2GB or higher.

Grandfathered plans receive a 14% discount off all individual responsible voice plans $39.99 & higher and qualifying data plans. (Unlimited voice plan, Data Pro 3GB excluded. See store associate for more details)

No contract extension is required and the discount does not affect your upgrade eligibility. Discounts take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on bill.

Create a new account or link an existing account with the AT&T UNLIMITED ELITE plan and receive the following perks.

  • $10 Discount Per Line/Per Month
  • Unlimited Data
  • HD Streaming
  • 40GB of Mobile Hotspot Data
  • HBO Max

Open or Link an account by clicking here: https://www.att.com/signatureprog/?rfid=0qVnkAm05RqjujT8h2C0PPuQMCmF9mO07COw7uuYAGCsliK8ZXd6QtrecQAhCDuq&retrieveCart=true