Is it a Good Time for a Mortgage Refinance?

Refinancing your home. Now is the time to lock down interest rates and use your home equity for home improvements or just to get lower interest rates. Whether you are refinancing your first or second mortgage or need an Equity line of credit now is the time to lock down low rates. If you purchased your home at the height of interest rates there is still time to achieve lower mortgage payments with a new home loan.

Have one of our Home Loan Experts figure out your approximate payments or fill out our application for a no cost, no obligation offer. Time is of the essence as the interest rates are slowly moving up. Lock in a low rate now. Fill out the form and get the process started. You deserve more cash in your pocket.

Should I Refinance

Cranbrook Mortgage offers the easiest way to refinance your mortgage, from the safety of your home. Refinancing your home is a big decision and its best when you are informed before the process. One of our Home Loan Experts can offer the lowest interest rates available and can meet your lending criteria. We provide a critical service and do so in a professional manner.

After receiving approval, it may be necessary to order an appraisal of your home depending on what type of loan you are getting. We will arrange for a licensed, professional appraiser to contact you in order to estimate the market value of your property.

Whatever you choose to do, consulting with our seasoned mortgage professionals, can often save you time and money.