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You now may be able to get a mortgage even if your FICO score isn’t great

By Kenneth R. Harney August 26 If you’ve got a low FICO credit score but believe you can handle monthly mortgage payments instead of rent, here’s some potentially good news: The government is willing to give you a better shot at obtaining a low-down-payment home loan from the Federal Housing Administration. Under a key policy

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Appraisal Condition Rating Definitions

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have an ongoing effort in place to enhance accuracy and quality of loan data. One piece of this effort is to standardize the way properties are characterized during an appraisal. The categories below outline the new standards for documenting the condition of a dwelling during the appraisal process. View Factor(s)

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ARM vs Fixed Rate Blog

A Fixed-Rate Mortgage or Fixed Rate Loan applies the same interest rate toward monthly loan payments for the life of the loan. Fixed-Rate Loans are more straightforward and easier to understand than Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) or ARM mortgages. They are also more secure for the buyer, and are popular with first-time homebuyers looking for

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Cranbrook Loans

Rates, Fees Guarantee.  We are confident that our rates and fees are the most competitive in the industry.

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Get your finances organized before you begin the task of purchasing. It’s great to go home hunting but if you don’t know the amount that you can finance or if you have some items on your credit report that need to be taken care of, you may cause yourself heartache.

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Real Estate Agencies www.goedertrealestate.com

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Weather Chills the Hot Housing Market

With the cold weather in January and February of 2014, the housing market slowed. Its expected to pick up steam as more potential homeowners look to take advantage of still low home prices.

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Interest Only

-Extremely low payments… -Interest Only loans are typically Adjustable Rates with fixed terms of 1,3, 5, 7, and 10 years in length. -Usually the adjustable term matches the interest only term. That means after the fixed period the loan simultaneously becomes adjustable and the payment amortizes with principal and interest. An Interest only mortgage can

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